The USA Water Polo’s National League is the premier United States domestic water polo competition. The men’s league began in 2018. Eight clubs compete in the championship division of the league. Live stats will be available for all matches via which select match highlights available on the Counter Attack next week. Click here to access all the live results via TheFOSH. 

Looking For Sponsorship Opportunity?

Riptide Men’s Water Polo is seeking sponsorships as we prepare for our second season of participation in National League. This is a very exciting and prestigious opportunity as National League is the highest stage of water polo in the United States short of the National Team. What is not comparable to the European water polo leagues or the larger American sports is the funding for water polo here in the US. Players in the league are not compensated, and teams are required to pay entry fees as well as cover all travel, training and gear expenses. Most participants are recent college graduates with limited disposable income. They commit training and travel time in addition to their full-time jobs or continued schooling. That is why we are looking for partners like you to help us make this a reality. Any size contribution will be greatly appreciated; Orange County Riptide Aquatics is a 501(c)3 organization.