1.  When can I join OC Riptide Water Polo?  OC Riptide Water Polo runs all year long and we welcome anyone, anytime. We charge on an auto monthly basis so the day you join is the day your payments start. We also offer a 1-week free trial available to anyone who wants to try the club or water polo. For more information go to our Trial Page. 

2. Do I have to tryout or pass a swim test?  Water polo is a competitive, demanding sport that requires proficient swimming skills.  Our philosophy is to be an inclusive program that seeks to develop water polo skills in our community.  If a child is water safe, he or she is welcome to join. We also start younger/beginners in our splashball progam where they don’t have to have as proficent swimming skills. 

3. How do I join?   Under the “Resources” tab click on “Registration”.  You will also need to obtain a USA Water Polo membership at www.usawaterpolo.org.  You will need a USA Water Polo membership number, prior to registering with OC Riptide. For more info go to “Polo Home” tab and click on “USA Water Polo Reg”

4. How old do you have to be to play water polo?  OC Riptide has players as young as six years old.  We have a special program for ages 6-11 called Splashball. After the coach sees that they have adequate skills they will be moved into our competitive age group program. 

5. What equipment do we have to purchase or wear?  You just need a swimsuit. Usually a more competitive swimsuit for both boys and girls prefered – something that is tighter fitting than a beach or leisure swim suit. There will be some swimming for conditioning so goggles would be a good idea and will help improve speed/conditioning. 

6.  Are parents required or expected to attend practices? No it is not an expectation for parents to be at practice. All practices are open practices and it is up to the parent to stay and watch.   However if you choose to stay and watch practice, we would like to ask that you stay in the bleachers, and do not interact with coaches or athletes during practices. Please leave all questions to 10 minutes before or after practice. 

7. How can I learn the rules of Water Polo? USA Water Polo has a lot of resources and videos of how to learn the sport of water polo.

8. When are Masters Practices?  View masters information here.

9. When are National League Tryouts? Tryouts are in the Fall Sept/Oct and the season runs Feb-June. Website will be updated with most up to date information or email polo@ocriptideaquatics.org.

10. Orange County Riptide Aquatics is a 5013c corporation.  Proof of charitable contribution available upon request.