Riptide San Diego

Excited to announce the launch of Riptide Water Polo San Diego!

We will be making a splash as soon as pools are open for polo! Spread the word!

Coach: Carlos Stinson Location: ??????

Please use the link below to let us know you are interested so we can communicate any updates.

Our belief at Pacific Coast Riptide is that Water Polo is one of, if not, THE most physically demanding and mentally exhausting of all team sports. We strive to make sure athletes competing in our water polo program will develop the mental, physical and emotional strength necessary to perform and succeed. Our goal is to teach every athlete a strong balance of discipline, dedication, perseverance, accountability and competitive drive. When athletes aquire these skills, the results not only show in the water, but the positive impact will carry over into all aspirations.

We believe that a true champion is a player who strives for excellence in all areas of their lives: athletically, academically and personally. We pride ourselves on creating a positive environment that encourages each person to develop as part of something bigger than any one individual.

All levels welcome. For those new to water polo or to the club, athletes are invited to participate for the first week without obligation.

For more information, questions and to register, please email See you on deck!