Coach Alec Raley is a professional swimming coach with over 20 years experience as a USA Swimming member coach. He earned his bachelor’s degree in sport psychology and coaching as well as a masters degree in coaching from California Sate University, Long Beach. He is an ASCA Level 3 certified coach who has spent most of his career as a developmental coach working with Age Group athletes. Coach Alec has developed multiple junior olympic champions and national top 16 and top 10 swimmers, many of whom have gone on to compete at the junior and senior national championships.

Alec taught high school physical education for 5 years and continues work with students as a substitute teacher. He is active in many sports, having coached high school wrestling and waterpolo as well as participating in triathlon, cycling, and open water swimming. His philosophy of coaching is to help athletes achieve personal goals by focusing on correct technique and providing positive corrective feedback. He believes in preparing athletes for success as age groupers and later as senior level and college athletes by advancing them through a multi-year progression of training while constantly promoting adherance to proper technique through all their stages of maturation.


With over 13 years of continues experience working with swimmers of all ages, Coach Alex came under the mentoring of his grandfather Coach Vladi Sapozhkov while working by his side. His goal was to introduce new and novice swimmers with proper form and techniques of all 4 strokes while providing them with a fun and challenging experience. It laid a solid foundation for the young swimmers to build on as they progress through their swimming career many of whom have become star athletes and champions in Southern California, as well as top ranking age group swimmers in the Nation. Coach Alex has a strong emphasis on simple yet effective stroke mechanics to allow swimmers a more effective workout.



Coach Rafe has been coaching swimming for the past 34 years in the Metro committee. He has been head coach for; Long Beach Shore Aquatics, Swim City and Lakewood Aquatics. He owned a swim school in Long Beach from 1980 to 1994 and has been a High School teacher for 24 years. He has a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education from CSUF. Coaching for Riptide Aquatics is sort of a homecoming, since Rafe has coached with all of our coaching staff in the past. He is looking forward to working with the younger age groups and continue the excellence that Riptide swimmers are known for.