Coach Alex

Coach Alex was introduced to competitive swimming at age of 11, swimming for Lakewood Aquatics with his father, a long time Coach in Long Beach California. He made quick progress within his swimming career and soon swam varsity during his freshmen year in high school. His swimming career was cut short in his Junior year due to health complications and he never competed again. It was a devastating loss, but it soon turned for the better. Coach Alex began teaching swimming at the age of 16 for Lakewood Aquatics; it was a remarkable way to stay involved without having to race.

In 2007 he began coaching with the City of Long Beach and the LA84 Foundation. Also with the Green Valley Dolphins, he came under the mentoring of his grandfather Coach Vladi while working by his side. His goal was to introduce new and novice swimmers with proper forms and techniques of all 4 strokes. It laid a solid foundation for the young swimmers to build on as they progress through their swimming career. Coach Alex believes “if you can swim fast or as fast as others with correct yet simple, efficient stroke mechanics, that leaves us with lots of room for improvement in the future.”

When Coach Alex is not on the pool deck he enjoys his time at the beach body surfing and chasing seagulls.